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Jul 9, 2012 11:00am EDT
the issue this afternoon. that powerful boom stopped play at the rangers/twins game last night in texas. it was the top of the fourth inning when that loud crack sent the players rushing off the field. the cameras've went black for a moment. rangers officials say the lightning struck north of the stadium and did not hit the facility at all. texas won the game following a 46-minute delay and it looks like they did the right thing there, running for konk. let's take a check on what's going on in our area weather wise with meteorologist tom kierein. >> we had thunder last night, nothing like that. did not have any severe weather last night and into this morning. we've had it settle down, but between last night late and into the morning hours, we had some of those passing showers an thundershowers rolling through. left anywhere from about a quarter of an inch to half an inch around the metro area. although frederick county, maryland, had four inches of rain. there was flooding there. some creeks and streams came out of their banks. now breaks in clouds around the region and temperatures are
Jul 25, 2012 11:00am EDT
. he was also a singer and air a force veteran. he died yesterday at his home in el paso, texas. he was 74 years old. >>> we're two days away from the opening ceremony of the london games. david beckham will have a role in the ceremony. we don't know exactly what he's going to be doing. beckham is not on the british olympic soccer team any more, but he is supporting britain and the nation's fans. >> should we do some pictures? beckham has been popping in on londoners at the olympic photo booth. some of his fans broke down in tears when they saw the soccer star. part of a commercial for adidas shoes. >>> post up, gets the slam to go. >> this year's men's olympic basketball team appears ready for the game. in their final exhibition game the usa cruised past spain 100-78 in a rematch of the 2008 gold medal game. carmelo anthony led the team with 27 points. team usa will begin their quest for a second straight gold medal on sunday against france. >>> remember nbc 4 is your home for the 2012 olympic games. our own dan hellie will bring you reports starting tomorrow and head over to londo
Jul 17, 2012 11:00am EDT
in charlottesville and the other in fredericksburg. >>> and the president is on his way actually, right now, to texas where he hopes to bring a record haul at two fund-raising stops. first visit san antonio and then a private fund-raiser at the home of an attorney. then he will fly to austin, where he will meet with donors of ostaen music hall before a a home at tom meredith. the campaign hopes to bring in more than $3.5 million, a record for the president for a single day in the state. >>> and, meanwhile, mitt romney is visiting a swing state today with a a stop at a gas drilling service outside pittsburgh, pennsylvania, but it could be overshadowed by attention over a running mate announcement. senior romney adviser told reporters that the former governor hasn't finalized his vp pick yet, but it could come by the end of the week. the vp selection is usually made closer to the party's convention. >>> the district could ease its building height restrictions on thursday. a congressional committee will hold a hearing into the decade's old height limit on tall buildings. the hearing could determine if r
Jul 2, 2012 11:00am EDT
, texas, florida, and georgia. those crews have arrived, and they're going to work right now. when it comes to the restoration effort overall, let me speak to this real quickly. while we said we would probably get most of these customers back by the vast majority on friday, with the work that was done over the last night, we've been able it to substantially reduce the number of customers. we took 100,000 customers out of the system and got 100,000 customers restored. we think we can beat that estimate, but i feel pretty pleased about that effort. with regard to the governor's comment, i think we're making significant progress. i don't necessarily feel the boot, but we're doing everything we can to get these customers back. >> we had a couple viewers, your customers send us questions they had as well. some people asking how they lost power, today? for example, how does it happen they have power through the weekend and lose power today? >> when you go out there and get a crew to a site, and they're starting to restore power, sometimes they have to take some of the customers out of se
Jul 10, 2012 11:00am EDT
the atlantic seaboard all the way back into the tennessee valley and into northeast texas, but this front is showing some signs that it is going to be gradually drifting south and, as it does, that will decrease our chance for any storms around. but we're still close enough to it that later today we could get some already getting some showers popping up nearro roano and that's heading towards richmond but well to our south and an isolated chance around the melt row area and these areas in green and potential thunderstorms and early evening. after that, though, we'll settle down and by dawn tomorrow, another cool start. many areas in the 60s and looks like we'll be in the 60s again, tomorrow morning throughout much of the region. for the rest of the afternoon, just a few of the clouds in and out and slight chance of an isolated storm in and out and then dropping back to the upper 80s to perhaps low 80s by mid to late afternoon and then by early evening, mid-80s. by sunset, we'll be down to near 80 degrees and midnight near 70 with a partly sunny sky and during the day tomorrow, afternoon h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5